TV show and its second Screen

Article for second screen TV shows

Research on how effective it is : report1 & report2

Between 60-70% of people, when they’re watching TV, also have a second screen device, such as a laptop, an iPad, or a mobile device.” So the reasoning is that since most of people have second device on hand and people love to talk with friends about the show they just saw, why not put them online and let them interact with the show directly?

So most of the TV show producers choose twitter as the media to let people talk. The advantages of twitter includes that it is fast paced and most importantly, the producers and advertisers can get instant feedback from the discussion generated online.  The show such as america idols that is designed to generate heat discussion would be a great fit for this kind of idea.

However, the fact is that second screen idea is not that appealing to the audience in US. The report shows the following findings:

  • Only 42% of U.S. adults have actually tried to watch designated “second screen” content on their phones, and only 13% said synchronized second screen content made TV viewing more enjoyable, according to a survey from the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association Of Television Program Executives. 
  • More than 50% users access synchronous Second Screen content during commercials, stressing opportunity to provide content easily and quickly during commercial airtime.
  • More than 60% users accessing synchronized content agree it is fun to use, that it makes them feel more connected to the shows they are watching and offers valuable information. The data provides need to expand Second Screen initiatives across larger programming base.

So it seems that second screen lacks popular appeals and not so many TV shows are doing this, hence, customers are not used to do it too. I love the idea of watching TV shows and discussing your thought with people, but how many people will be there on the platform and how they can design a more user-friendly app or website to guide through the viewers to have great experiences is the KEY!


2 responses to “TV show and its second Screen

  1. I found this second screen stuff way too complicated myself. I tried it with the Avengers blu-ray. To say it was distracting would be an understatement.

    • Ya! I agree with you.
      The first time I heard of the idea, I thought it is so compelling and it should have potential to change the way we watch TV shows.
      In order to change the way we behave or introduce a new concept, user experience is the king!
      Thanks for reading the article!

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