MLB jumps on the Snapchat bandwagon

MLB recently adopted snap chat as a its latest social media platform. They began using the popular messaging app as spring training began this season as a new way to connect with fans. Social Media Producer Hali Stark commented that spring training was a great time to use Snapchat as the atmosphere is much more laid back and provided a great opportunity for the league to share moments that fans might not get to see otherwise.


So why Snapchat? MLB found that a significant portion of their viewers and demographic were using the service and thought it would be a great way to interact with viewers in a new, creative way. Stark commented that “very social platform serves a purpose. Finding that purpose for Snapchat was important to us before joining because it’s such a personal experience”. MLB took the time to understand the platform and the way their viewers were using it before diving in head first. When reading the description for Snapchat on the Google Play store, it’s easy to see why MLB decided to get on board.

Description: Experience a totally new way to share today. Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or maybe a few). They’ll view it, laugh, and then the snap disappears from the screen – unless they take a screenshot! If you want to share a Snap with all of your friends, add it to your Snapchat Story, a living narrative where each Snap lives for 24 hours until it disappears, making room for the new.

The images might be a little grainy, and you may not look your best, but that’s the point. It’s about the moment, a connection between friends in the present, and not just a pretty picture.

The allure of fleeting messages reminds us about the beauty of friendship – we don’t need a reason to stay in touch.

What jumps out to me is the statement that an image may not look its best, but it’s about a moment and developing a connection. To that end, MLB didn’t just use Snapchat to send out the same information. There are no game updates, or trade rumors. MLB uses the service to connect the viewer with individual players and teams in a way that no outlet has been able to before.



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