5 Tips on improving your E-commerce

For the past year our so I’ve been launching an online coffee shop. Coming from an Industrial Engineering background and given the fact that I consider myself a caveman, as far as technology comes, let me tell you which are the 5 things I think every upcoming entrepreneur should know at the time of launching for the first time an online business:Image


Create interesting content for yourself

            Chances are that you are trying to engage with your audience but don’t know how. Probably you have done tons of research and things seem to point out in many different directions. My advice to you is to go with your gut. Start creating content that you find interesting yourself. This way you will kill two birds with one stone, you are going to be working on stuff you find fun and most likely your audience will find it engaging as well.

Make it easy for audience

            Nowadays people is living in a very fast paced way. We like to get information in a convenient and quick way. Instead of delivering your content in 3 pager articles, try to convey your information with as little words as possible and as visual as possible. By doing this you are going to make your audience be attracted to you because they find it fun (… and also because it educates them!).

Compelling story

            Although this might sound as a Buzz phrase, getting a good story behind your product is something crucial, especially when you are not able to get your customer to touch and feel your product before making the buying decision. A great way of getting your audience make up their minds about your product is by making them feel identified with it, a good story behind it will always help achieve this!

Trial and error

            At the beginning of your advertisement campaign you really do not have a clear idea on what works best for you. I highly encourage you to just get started and test different approaches. Try to get a good mix of different ad types, for example: paid vs. organic, illustrations vs. pictures, content messages vs. sale messages. At the beginning you will be shooting in the dark, but as time passes you will become knowledgeable and precise on what works best for you.

Schedule postings

            Being consisted is key on developing brand credibility. Facebook’s ads manager has a pretty cool feature that allows you to schedule in advance the ads that will be posted during a certain period of time. This has been incredible valuable for us since it is pretty easy to forget about posting ads on a day-to-day basis. In order to avoid this, we organize every Sunday our weekly program and from then just follow up on it throughout the week.



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