Facebook Organic reach got cut to 1-2%. What will start ups like us do?

Have you noticed Facebook organic reach down on any of the pages you own or manage?


ValleyWag refer from the reliable source in strategic planning from facebook that, the company is planning to cut the organice reach of all business pages down to only 1-2%. This mean that all the brands that shed blood and tears in securing their 1 Million fans will only get to reach 10k fans: For example Nike fan page that has up to 16M fans would be able to post their regular message and reach to only 160k fans.

So in conclusion facebook is going for the stone wall to get every brands pay up more and more just only to survive with their own audiences.

In my opinion, I actually understand that facebook is also another company, just like us, it needs to take in profit and money to fund their further development. They could not just let the big brands utilize their resources for free and get all the profits alone right? However, the organic reach that left for now is around 1 – 2 % is just too cruel (recently it got cut to 16%, which was already too big of a cut from the original reach). I think this is just too much for SMEs (Small-Medium Entreprises) and Entrepreneurs. Imagine this young start up, who just launched their facebook page, it wouldn’t even have any power in this social media at all since it’s fans is still in small number, at the same time, it can’t afford the expensive consecutive advertising that is required to maintain the reach to its fans. This just means that only big brands, which already had numerous fans, can really exist and maintain their facebook fan pages and beat any competition (since they would have the budget to spend on advertising to spam and prevent other players ad to show up).  In the end, this will be just like the regular market on the real world where the big players would create barrier of entry to SMEs that only hoped they could use this convoy social media to create cheap existence for their first marketing expenditure. Eventually, Facebook ads will be filled with “Mainstream” ‘boring’ ads that you would hear from radio or public transportation, while the small start ups that provide creative solutions, such as local brands that sell from niche shoe design that only focus on the particular fragmented market, would just drown and never get the spotlight.

Facebook should have offer some kind of help to the starters, may be something like if your fan page has up to 10k fans, you can still get 60% reach, but when the fans reach 1M mark then the reach can be cut down to 2%. That way Facebook can still make money while also help promote good contents to exist on in Facebook

What do you guys think will be the way to deal with this problem? This is yet the question that I can’t seem to answer myself, my business page has 33k fans and it used to get average engagement around 70-100 now it falls to only 3-5 likes per post.
How can start ups like us exist on in Facebook while also preserving our reasonable budget. I would love to hear you guys for any olinions 🙂

<EXTRA> For those who plan on jumping into big investment on Facebook ads, here are some tips I’ve learned and read: 

1) Think of Facebook campaigns as search campaigns

Buch said companies should plan a Facebook campaign the same way they do SEO keywordcampaigns. For example, a shoe company might purchase the keywords “riding boots” to have their ads appear to individuals searching for that term, rather than wasting money on untargeted ads that are unlikely to convert to sales. The same concept should apply to Facebook ads. When creating campaigns, you can work with a third-party partner to create a custom audience of people who have made purchases that are similar to your product or service.

2) Keep your ads fresh

Running the same campaigns for your products and services over and over again will quickly get old to your Facebook audience, and that could make them hide your ads from their newsfeed. Keep customers interested by updating pictures and copy for your ads.

3) Customers don’t come to Facebook to buy

When people Google a specific product or service, it’s generally because they intend to purchase that item. But when people log on to Facebook, they’re not there for the ads; they want to connect with their friends. The goal of any successful Facebook ad campaign is to grab potential customers’ attention enough that they will either go back and Google your product later or, better yet, click through to your website right from Facebook.


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