The New Era of Social Media

When the first time I arrived at United State, the only social media I was using was Facebook. After a few months, I had known a lot of different social media, such as WeChat, Line, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Social media was everywhere in the United State. The market of social media seemed mainly in the United State. But now, the world has changed. Asia holds 44.8% of the world’s internet users, and there are overall 2.7 billion internet users all over the world. (SASE: Social Networking in Asia.) There are some different social media very popular rather than Facebook and Twitter in China, such as QZONE, WeChat, and Weibo. For these social media, some of them can customize the user’s page while blogging, listening to music, and sharing photos.


For the new trend for social media worldwide, GlobalWebIndex showed a ranking for social platform active usage in 2013:

We can figure out that even though Facebook was ranking as the first place, some other quantity of china social media users could not be ignored. Brand of social media from China shared half of top 10 in this ranking. And this trend is growing fast in the past years.


Many different functions of social media have been created currently. And people cannot live without networking on the Internet toady. In other words, the meaning of social media for human being is not only a personal web side page but also a platform that people can share anything instantly to their friends. Social media makes the world to be small. Therefore, social media has created a “value” for people. We can use mean-end chain to find the value. For example,

Social media can share photos with friends.

Why we want to share photos with friend? Because we want to share our life to others.

Why we want to share our life to others? Because we can keep connecting with our friends by following their photos or by leaving our comments on it. And we can tell them our stories and show them photos.

Why we want to keep connecting with our friend? Because friends are very important for people in their life.

Why friend are very important for people in their life? Because if one has no friend, he/ she will feel lonely. If one has friend, he/she will feel happy.

Why people will feel happy if they have friends? Because they are happiness.

We stop here for the mean-end chain. We can find there is value proposition for social media. It not only makes friends easily to connect each other but also makes people feel happiness. The positive feeling for people allow social media to be more important nowadays. Today, more and more developing countries begin to join social media networking platform. The next era for social media may be more convenient on sharing and not only international but local.

Social media makes everything possible. And social media is going to be available for everywhere.

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Brandeis University IBS

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