Who’s got Klout? How “social media” is changing the way athletes communicate with fans

As I was reading this article on “The Analytics Issue (03/03/2014) of ESPN The Magazine”, I was amazed at how influential and engaging some NBA players are with their fans. Many popular players including Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Andre Drummond (mentioned in the article below) have utilized social media vehicles to their advantage in order to gain popularity, charisma and proper recognition. Furthermore, many of them have blogs and tweet daily pics for followers who enjoy viewing their lives’ daily activities. This is great for both the sport and fans, since followers can now better connect with athletes who are seen as role models and serve for inspiration.

On the picture below we can see a Klout-O-Meter Score for some NBA players:Image

Detroit Piston’s NBA Center Andre Drummond has a high klout score of 83. You can read more about his his influence on social media via the following link:


Lastly, some athletes have taken their social media interaction a bit too far, by tweeting during games and even criticizing refs. The NBA has dealt with this by introducing heavy fines. Here are some of the top penalties:



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