The Importance of Personal Branding

personal branding

Not long ago I came to understand the ease of branding myself using all the tools that are available to us. The most evident tools are those that connect us to other communities and networks, usually via the internet. We seldom interact with our communities through social media websites by posting information, sharing photographs and setting profile information. All of this information says a lot about us and how we are. However, there are times in which we do things without being conscious about what they mean or might affect our appearance.

Usually, showing one’s personality comes naturally, in which actions and appearances make impressions that build up who and how a person is. Personality is an important component of branding, but there is still more to it in order to successfully trademark yourself. Branding yourself requires more consciousness and effort since there is a topic in mind to which you would like to be related. As with regular brands, marketing yourself becomes easier when you establish your brand upon yourself.

Nowadays, the tools you may use to brand yourself range from the physical world to the digital realm. Physical appearance, habits, academic history, professional experience and your digital footprint all contribute to your brand. In our time, our digital presence contributes greatly to our brand. Social media websites are key tools to use in order to establish what we would like to be associated with. In an age in which all data is stored and recorded, everything you post, from simple tweets to pictures will be related to you.

Branding yourself in this day and age is essential in order to differentiate yourself from others and to contribute to your success.  Being conscious about the things you do to contribute to your brand and constantly adding content to continue building your brand will help support your claims of experience, expertise and interests to business partners, employers, friends, or a general public. How can people claim to be somebody or want to so something if they do not exhaust the tools they have readily available? For example, if somebody constantly publishes pictures of food from different restaurants, he or she builds a reputation and a personal brand as a food connoisseur. Social media allows you to take action immediately and start shaping who you are.

People refer to social media websites to get a better grasp of who a person is, let that be for personal or professional reference. Therefore, we must maintain our social media presence clean, clear, and consistent. These three characteristics will round up and make sense to any person who looks you up to get to know you better. The tools are there for you to use, so you might as well make the best use of them to help you build your very own personal brand. I came to realize that I don’t need to wait for things to happen to build my brand if I make use of what is available and start now.


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