The Era of Inbound Marketing

New technologies have enabled new ways to communicate with customers. By changing the way companies interact with their customers I have experienced the transformation of marketing and some new trends that have evolved. As a result of this changes I believe that most companies are migrating towards Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses in pulling interested customers to your company and also in creating lasting relationships with them.  Now a days most customers start their buying decision by going online to a search engine and read about what they want to buy.  When most of your customers frequently use online channels to learn and find out about what is out there, inbound marketing is the right solution. The process of communicating with the customers is lead by writing exciting content, that can be share in social networks and that include SEO techniques that will enable interested people to find it. With inbound marketing you are not finding customers on the other hand customers are finding you.

Inbound marketing is considered the process of attracting, converting, closing, and delighting customers. Each of these four parts of the process are of extreme importance to have a successful campaign. All of the parts of this process are connected and all of them have one main goal that is to convert prospects into customers and grow the sales of the company. Each step uses different platforms and tools to achieve its goals.  In this process  the tools you use help you assist the give and take of information. In some instances the tools help you create content and distribute it amongst your potential customers and in other instances there are tools that help you take your customer’s information and save it in your database for future use. The information is normally gathered through forms that customers fill because of their interest in learning more about your company.One of the most popular platforms that helps you track and measure your campaigns is called Hubspot.

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In order to have a successful campaign I highly recommend that you follow certain steps. The first thing you need to do is to define a content creation strategy as well as the channels where you will distribute this content. After you have the right strategy you need to find the right people that understand what you are trying to accomplish and that share your vision so you can achieve the expected results. With the team on board it is important to brainstorm and come up with the best possible keywords that will drag customers to be interested in your products and  your company. At last you need to be flexible and have the capacity to adapt what you want to communicate to whatever the customer wants to read about.

Moving to inbound marketing is not easy but definitely you need to get on board or else you will end up loosing customers and you can lose momentum.


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